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Richer insights through the
power of voice.

Unlock new insights previously hidden in spoken words to understand what’s in people’s heads and hearts at scale.

Voice is the most intuitive, natural and efficient way to communicate.
It’s also an emotional microscope.​

Phebi goes beyond what people say, illuminating how they say it. ​

The combination of emotion and sentiment analysis helps researchers
understand people more deeply and better predict their behavior.​

What is said,
or sentiment



How it is said
or emotion


Collect better data, faster and analyze it more deeply
with voice tech built to drive insights.​

Analyze speech like never before. 

You’ll quickly uncover powerful new insights by seeing emotion data visualized and hearing nuanced responses.

Collect richer data by voice-enabling any platform.

You’ll naturally generate more revealing insights because when people talk instead of type they say more, especially on mobile.

Understand how people really feel—no matter the type of interaction—
with Phebi’s emotion AI.

Organizations of all types rely on Phebi’s natural language processing, artificial intelligence and proprietary emotion scoring to draw out actionable insights from speech including:​

How customers are using Phebi to
unlock new insights only voice can deliver.

Phebi’s voice tech has helped…

A QSR brand to gather authentic input to inform a new pizza concept
A patient panel to understand authentic emotions on Telehealth
An online retailer to track opinions of its site vs. competitive sites
A major pharma company to quickly analyze extensive IDIs
A health researcher to predict openness to a new vaccine
A food company to gauge impressions of select brands
A bank to map improvement in CX over time
A CPG brand to test concept snacks among moms and kids

See Phebi in action.

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