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About Phebi

Voice is the most intuitive, natural and efficient way to communicate.
It’s also an emotional microscope.

Phebi—pronounced FEE-bee, like the Friends character—was founded in 2018 based on this simple insight. After seeing voice tech become a natural part of modern life globally, we set out to create innovative voice-driven solutions for market research and customer experience.

Our affordable, easy-to-deploy software collects survey responses and analyzes them, and also analyzes recorded and real-time audio and video. It reveals, and enables researchers to gain a deep understanding of, what’s in people’s heads and hearts. Phebi software uncovers people’s nonconscious responses, generating emotional intelligence and new insights that increase understanding, better predict behavior, and help improve outcomes in health and market research, customer experience, and other applications.

Phebi’s one-of-a-kind technology, which won two research industry awards for innovation in 2020, is based on well-accepted behavioral science research. It combines voice tech, trusted behavioral science, AI, and machine learning to make it easy to collect, visualize, analyze, and present information about what people said, and how they said it, in new and powerful ways.

Headquartered in London with a distributed team across the U.S. and Europe, we are proud to deliver best-in-class voice tech and emotional intelligence solutions to market-leading agencies and brands around the world via a SaaS model.

Meet the Team

Mike Page

Co-founder and CEO

Konstantin Morjan

Co-founder and CTO

Board and Advisors

Mark Battaglia

Non-Executive Director

Dan Foreman

Non-Executive Director

Abigail Stuart


Maggie Weinberg


Baileigh Allen


Ian Durrell


Kjell De Orr