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Understand people on a deeper level.

You’ll quickly uncover powerful new insights by hearing voice and video responses with emotion visualized; analyzing quantified emotion; and gaining an in-depth understanding by subgroups, topics, emotions; and more.

Don’t leave valuable insights on the table.
Unlock the emotion hidden in your data with Phebi.

More than a third of emotion is communicated through tone


Its critical to know not only
what people say, but how they say it

A. Mehrabian, UCLA

Understanding the emotion in people’s voices is imperative

Phebi continuously scores and quantifies nonconscious emotion.

Gain new understanding.

The Phebi Portal makes it easy to explore, analyze, and present people’s emotions uncovered from surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and more.

  • Do agile, in-depth research: Import variables and topics. Search by keywords/phrases. Create tags. Filter based on emotion. And so much more.
  • Gain a deeper understanding: Quantifying the qualitative with emotion analysis at scale.
  • Enhance your storytelling: Thanks to interactive data visualizations and downloadable audio and video clips.
  • Make better decisions: Understanding people more deeply naturally drives better decisions.

Phebi gives you the full picture.

Instantly learn what people said (transcription), and how they felt about the topic (emotion analysis). Then explore and visualize.

and Diarization

Phebi accurately transcribes recorded voices and identifies speakers across languages.

Emotional Intelligence

Phebi ‘hears’ pitch, tone, rhythm and intensity and continuously scores emotion.

Audio and Video Playback
with Emotion Visualization

Phebi makes it easy to explore, analyze, visualize, and present rich audio and video data.

See Phebi in action.

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