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Cropped shot of an unrecognizable man using a digital tablet while sitting in a coffeeshop

Collect richer data by voice-enabling any touchpoint.

You’ll naturally generate more revealing insights, especially on mobile.

People want to talk, not type,
and when they do, you learn more.

More than half already choose
to answer by voice


Aggregate of Phebi voice surveys

Talking is faster and easier
than typing

Talking vs. typingWords per minute
Typing, mobile one finger
Typing, mobile two thumbs
Typing, keyboard
Talking, relaxed pace

Voice-enable any interaction.

The Phebi Plugin easily integrates with your existing platform delivering voice with zero disruption.

  • Get new insights: When people talk instead of type, they give longer, richer answers.
  • Streamline your user experience: Answering by voice is faster and easier, especially on mobile.
  • Improve response and completion rates: Thanks to a better user experience.
  • Save time and money: Through increased engagement you’ll get more completes faster, improving efficiency.

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