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Create a better future with voice tech.

Join with Phebi and Be a Leader in the Voice Revolution.

Thanks to smartphones, smart speakers, smart devices and virtual assistants, voice is already central to daily life. Increasingly, people expect the option to use their voice rather than a keyboard in all types of interactions.

Phebi is a leader in the Voice Revolution. In addition to our flagship solutions in the Market Research industry—which empower researchers to collect and analyze voice data in new and powerful ways—we’re deploying our one-of-a-kind voice technology in other ways via what we call “Phebi Labs.”

In Phebi Labs, we work closely with partners who are innovation leaders and subject matter experts in various fields to create, refine and launch new software applications that enable people to have their voices heard, and to do more than they’ve ever done before.

Below are some of the things we’re working on. If you are interested in learning more about them, deploying them or connecting with us about an idea that you have, you can get in touch with us here.

Phebi for E-Commerce and Website Search

E-commerce is growing by almost 20% per year. Yet, many of today’s text-based search solutions are slow, inaccurate and cumbersome, especially on mobile, where 59% of all e-commerce is expected to occur in 2021. As a result, 31% of product-specific searches end in vain.  

Phebi Search is an affordable, proven and easy-to-deploy v-commerce technology that fixes the issue of slow, inaccurate search quickly and easily, helping site owners collapse the path to purchase.

It combines voice recognition, instant search and other consumer—and online retailer—friendly features to improve visitor experiences, reduce bounce rates and increase sales. With Phebi Search, site visitors can talk when they want to talk and type when they want to type as they instantly search, navigate and even purchase from partner websites.

You can learn more about Phebi Search here. If you have a Shopify store, you can add Phebi Search to your site here. If you’d like to discuss adding Phebi Search to your site, or if you have any questions, contact us here.

Phebi for Business Intelligence and Enterprise Search

This project encompasses and expands upon the Phebi Assist (software) and Phebi Connect (optional hardware) projects. Perhaps you have used a voice interface to find a specific movie across various streaming services. With this project, our goal is to deliver “the business person’s secret weapon,” an application that solves a similar, but much more complex problem—we want to help information-driven organizations empower employees with secure, accurate, real-time access to sensitive business data and extensive internal archives.

We’ve all felt the frustration of waiting on business information that should be readily available, but somehow just isn’t. While we wait, and search across multiple systems and file structures, our decision making is stalled, and momentum is lost. The goal of this project is to make sure the data needed to take action is always a simple voice query away.

Consider opportunities such as a salesperson sitting in her car needing access to the latest account information before entering a client meeting:
– “What are YTD sales for electric scooters in Southern California?”
– “How are sales pacing against target in the Northeast Region for February?”

Or a sales manager working on monthly incentive programs:
– “What SKUs are pacing above target this month?”
– “What SKUs are pacing below target this month?”

Partners Include:
Havas Media Group
Delineate. The Audience Intelligence Agency
Newlink Group

Want to learn more or put this technology to work for you? Contact us here.

Want to be a Leader of the Voice Revolution? Contact Us at Phebi Labs Today!

The Voice Revolution is happening all around us. Phebi technology was built to humanize data and make it easier to interact with in the most natural way—via speech.

The sky is the limit as far as applications for Phebi technology and the benefits it can bring to people.

To learn more about what’s happening inside Phebi Labs, take advantage of our cutting-edge technology before your competitors do, pitch an idea or become a partner, send an email to Phebi Labs here.

We look forward to seeing what the community builds!