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Phebi Will Analyze the Nonconscious Reactions to President Biden’s Joint Session Speech Tonight

The research industry’s voice tech and emotional intelligence leader is a participating sponsor in a consortium to understand Democrat and Republican responses

London, UK, April 28, 2021 – Phebi Ltd. (Phebi.AI), the creator of an innovative health and market research solution that uses voice tech, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to generate insights from the analysis of speech, and the 2020 winner of innovation awards from IIeX and the UK Market Research Society, today announced that it is a participating sponsor in a consortium with other leading market research firms that will analyze the emotional responses to tonight’s speech by Joe Biden to a Joint Session of Congress.  

The other participants in the consortium are: HCD Research, IVP Research, Schlesinger Group, Shimmer Research, and the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. Comparisons will be made between Democrat and Republican viewer responses to statements made by President Biden and Senator Scott. The speakers are expected to cover many topics, including vaccine rollouts, stimulus plans, and the economy where gaining insight into people’s nonconscious emotional reactions are likely to be interesting and valuable.

‘It’s no surprise to anyone that people have strong emotions about politics,’ said Mike Page, Phebi’s Co-founder and CEO. ‘But, they don’t always express them. We’re excited to be part of this project that will help take understanding of people’s responses on a variety of important topics to next level.’

Page continued, ‘Our immediate role in the project will be to apply Phebi to understand, quantify, and compare the participants’ emotions on key topics as expressed in in-depth interviews conducted after the speech. We’ll also use our new Phebi Live technology to understand President Biden’s real-time emotions as he delivers the speech for use follow-on research that compares his emotions to the viewers’ real-time reactions captured via biometrics.’

Participants will gather in a focus group facility in Philadelphia watch the speech and have their reactions measured biometrically. The gathered neurophysiological data will be viewable in real-time on YouTube at https://youtu.be/9ilV7PU7fcY. The consortium partners will provide additional insight starting the day after the speech.

About Phebi Ltd.

Phebi Ltd. (Phebi AI) was founded based on the ideas that voice is the most intuitive, natural, and efficient way for us to communicate and that what people say, and how they say it, can be used to unlock what is in their heads and hearts. Phebi’s award-winning technology combines speech recognition, AI, and machine learning to create affordable, easy-to-deploy software for quantitative and qualitative research. Phebi collects and analyzes spoken survey responses, and analyzes recorded and real-time audio, to reveal people’s nonconscious emotional responses and to increase understanding, better predict behavior, and improve business results. For more information, visit https://phebi.ai. or contact us at info@phebi.ai.