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New Phebi Live Delivers Real-Time Emotional Intelligence

Voice tech leader Phebi now detects and scores people’s emotions in real time

London, UK, September 13, 2021 – Phebi Ltd. (Phebi.AI), the creator of an innovative health and market research solution that uses voice tech, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to reveal nonconscious responses from the analysis of speech, today announced Phebi Live, a new offering that analyzes speech in real time to detect and score each speaker’s emotions and includes full access to its award-winning software for in-depth post-call analysis.  

‘Phebi is based on behavioral science research about how people’s voice tone, rate of speech, etc. nonconsciously reveals their emotions,’ said Mike Page, Phebi’s Co-founder and CEO. ‘Phebi Live adds another layer of innovation to that foundation, analyzing 24 dimensions every three seconds. It overcomes the technical hurdles to apply the underlying science in real time and enable researchers, customer experience professionals, and others to reliably and consistently assess people’s emotional state as they speak. With it, they can rapidly gain new understanding and provide unique value to their clients.’

Blueprint Partnership, an international healthcare market research agency, has already used Phebi Live in multiple projects. Carolyn Chamberlin, Blueprint’s Commercial Director, remarked, ‘This truly is the next frontier in voice emotion. Using Phebi Live, we researchers can ask questions and get an immediate analysis of the speaker’s emotion. Its consistent measurement framework enables us to ask better follow-up questions – to probe based on people’s nonconscious reactions and apparent contradictions between stated opinions and detected emotion. Voice analysis has become a critical component of Blueprint’s best practice approach because the benefits to our clients are significant, including deeper engagement and empathy, improved customer understanding, and confidence that potentially important details and motivations are not missed.’

Phebi Live is like having a trusted ’empathy advisor’ at your side during a conversation. It enables you to observe, measure, and compare people’s emotional responses – calm, happy, sad, anxious, or strong engagement – in real time.

Phebi Live can be added to a conversation in a variety of ways, including by dialing it into an online meeting or call. It delivers value in many applications, including focus and other qualitative groups, in-depth interviews, customer support settings, customer experience reviews, moderator audits and training, presentations, and many standard meeting types.

After a Phebi Live session, the session data is available to researchers for additional analysis in the Phebi Portal. In addition to being available as audio, the data is transcribed and translated to English, if needed. Emotion can be summarized via Phebi’s Emotional Resonance Score Scorecard, which instantly compares and rank orders the emotional responses to concepts and products, and via other data visualization methods, and compared to sentiment analysis scores. Tools for identifying moments of peak emotion, easily revealing the emotion associated with a portion of a response, sorting and filtering by topic and type of emotion, and others are also included.

To learn more about Phebi Live and to see a demo, contact Phebi at +1 (941) 900-4012 or info@phebi.ai.

And, you can see Phebi Live firsthand at many upcoming conferences including in September at the Best of MiE in Supernova (Jaarbeurs Utrecht); Succeet21 in Munich in October; and Quirk’s in Chicago, London, and New York.